Danny is a MS student in Robotics at CMU, working in the Biorobotics laboratory for Professor Choset. Daniel got his B.S. at CMU in MechE and Robotics. He has worked with Professor Choset for six years now, and is currently the lead grad student on two sponsored projects in the Biorobotics lab. He has helped secure more than $5 Million in funding through grant writing and networking with sponsors. He has work experience at organizations like Sandia National Labs, Boeing, and MIT Lincoln Labs. From these experiences, he has developed skills in design, analysis, dynamics, controls, optics, and motion planning. Daniel is excited to build this business because his MS research is on the dynamics and control of floating base manipulators, which is directly relevant to our technology




Stefan is a recent graduate from the Master of Robotic System Development program at CMU. He also obtained his B.S. at CMU in MechE and Robotics. He is currently working for the San Francisco based self-driving truck startup Embark Trucks as a perception Software Engineer. Stefan was actively engaged in research throughout undergrad, under the supervision of Professor Choset and Professor Whittaker. Besides academic research, Stefan also has gained extensive industry experience from interning at companies such as Bito Robotics, Hp Inc, and Brain Corp. Through these experiences, Stefan has garnered a deep understanding of automation systems and solid skill sets in Programming, Deep Learning, and Computer Vision etc. In addition, the unique design of Stefan’s Master’s degree also gives him an edge in business thinking